Woo hoo, you want to commission a painting! Let’s fill your empty walls with a splash of color. Commissioned work can come in different forms and I can create original paintings on canvas, panels, and surfboards. I prefer to work in watercolor and occasionally in oils. If you have something special in mind or just find my work to fit in with your aesthetic and want a painting for your home or office, I would love to chat with you and discuss the possibilities.

Please keep in mind that I prefer to stay true to my style of work. This is beneficial to both the myself as an artist and as well as the client. I prefer to focus on water, waves, sea life, tropical florals, and the occasional pineapple. I prefer not to take commissioned work smaller than 12x16 inches.

*If you are a business and would like surface pattern designs/original art for wallpaper, fabric or decor please contact me for further information on my contact page.

The process:

1. Contact me through my contact page and be sure to leave your phone number. We can discuss what you would like and pricing for your particular project. Pricing is based on size and complexity of the requested art. We can also discuss a timeline of approximately when the piece would be completed.

2. After we have decided to work together I will send over an invoice/deal memo asking for a 50% deposit to start the project. I create three pencil drawings and after the client has reviewed the work and chosen a composition, I will create a version in color. Revisions can be made at this stage.

3. When the piece is finished I will send photos and a final invoice for the remaining balance + shipping. The painting will be shipped once the final payment is received. Please note that if you are in the Southern California area, I can deliver the piece for a delivery fee instead of shipping the painting.