"Cobalt Blue Ocean Hues"

"Cobalt Blue Ocean Hues"


This hand painted offshore wave on found cobalt blue sea glass is attached to another unique piece of clear sea glass. Heather hand embellished the glass with silver leaf and the chain and wire are made with sterling silver as well. The paint is protected with glossy resin and the bottom piece was left matte for a visual of two different sheens. Necklace is 28" with silver, grey, and blue crystals. Art is hand signed on the back of the piece by Heather.

This piece ships within 1-2 business days. 

 A note from Heather: Care for your piece as if you would precious pearls. Separating from other jewelry, keeping dry, out of direct sunlight & abrasion free will ensure minimal fading, scratching, and discoloring over time.  

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